“You Need This”. “But I Don’t Want It”.

Does the market "want" your product or just "need" it?

Parent: “You need to take a coat to school today, it’s getting cold”.

Child: “No, I don’t want to, nobody else is taking coats“.

Many businesses are started on the basis of the founding team identifying that their chosen market “NEEDS” the product or service.

Only to be greeted by the market’s silence which we can interpret as “(Thanks), but I’m really not interested, I don’t WANT it”.

Market “need” can even be backed up by research so undoubtedly it is a step in the right direction. But no matter how much you, your colleagues & even a rational person might be convinced that your market “needs” a particular product or service, just like the obstinate teenager if the market isn’t convinced then you don’t have a business.

Your response might be to use marketing to convince the market of their need, but this is likely to be far more difficult than a few early changes of course towards an offering that your market really “WANTS“.