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Looking for interesting opportunities in (semi) retirement?

Once each week (certainly no more frequently), we send out an email with details of opportunities for semi-retired ex-senior business people. If that might be of interest then please add your email address below.

Just to be clear

The necessary legal bit.

  • If you decide to act upon any of the opportunities that you see in these emails then all the interactions will be directly between you and the person or organisation that provided the listing. You will need to undertake your own due diligence as appropriate. We (Unretired LLP) are not acting as an intermediary or representing or promoting listing organisations in any way.
  • You can unsubscribe from the email at any time, with a single click.
  • We will do our best to sift out anything that isn’t appropriate but if anything that doesn’t “smell right” does get through then please let us know, preferably by email ([email protected]).

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We can’t guaranteeĀ results but we do guaranteeĀ to get your opportunity (if appropriate) out to a cadre of highly motivated & very able semi-retired ex-executives.

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The terms.

  • If you let us have a potential listing then we will review it before sending out to our list. Our decision as to whether to distribute a listing is final & we cannot enter into correspondence or calls as to this decision. It is a free service & we don’t have theĀ administrative capacity – sorry.
  • Our audience likes quirky, one-offs. Run of the mill requirements that they can find elsewhere aren’t likely to be distributed.
  • Bear in mind that our audience is soon to retire & recently (semi) retired senior executives. So we are really only interested in opportunities that have relevance to that “market”.
  • Our audience doesn’t like generic response details. Even if you are a large organisation please try hard to provide a named individual & their personal contact details to explore the opportunity further.
  • You agree that we can include your listing in up to four successive weekly emails. If the opportunity has been fulfilled & you want us to stop before four weeks then please let us know by email ([email protected]).

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