Core Programme
Delivered By Experts

The Core 1-Day Programme

3, to max 10, participants.

We tend not to run “open programmes”. Rather, we offer our programme on an exclusive basis to firms, businesses and organisations that have about three or more participants within about five years of their retirement.

We have designed things to be very different from a normal course:

  • small numbers (certainly no more than 10)
  • a “guided conversation”, not death by Powerpoint.
  • each topic led by an expert with national or international profile in their field.
  • the flexibility for participants to explore areas of particular personal concern or interest if they wish.

The Core Three Sessions

Our areas of expertise are health, wellbeing and longevity.

Late Morning to Early Evening

Our format has been honed to allow sufficient time for each of our specialists to cover the areas that they need to during a reasonably standard group session (albeit small group, conversational style and plenty of opportunities to ask questions) then followed by about an hour of more unstructured time with that same specialist during which time participants can raise the 1,001 questions that are likely to be bubbling away.  As the Longevity session is delivered via live video from our specialist in the USA this follows a more conventional circa one hour of presentation and Q&A.

Psychological adjustment: this session is led by Linda Blair, looking at the best ways to transition from full-time work to retirement or semi-retirement. Linda will, amongst other things look at how to best (re)discover what’s really going to enthuse you in retirement, (re)creating structure whilst allowing spontaneity & developing healthy relationships with friends & family.

Physical health: this session is led by either Prof Clive Bowman or Dr Trisha MacNair. We will, of course, agree with you your preference ahead of the programme.  They offer quite different sessions. Clive’s is a very conversational approach drawing upon his many years as a physician, gerontologist and Medical Director with a division of BUPA. In Clive’s words “Life is a sexually transmitted fatal disease” and the question really is what is your preferred journey through it to the inevitable and how can you avoid the burden of your genetic ticket and your chosen route.

Wheras, Trisha is a hospital doctor who can provide a structured look at how the body changes with age & what you can do to optimise your health. Her session includes a look at the cardiovascular system, locomotor system, central nervous system, sleep, endocrine system, urinary system, general niggles & easy hacks for a longer, healthier life.

“The Longevity Project” is a very special session where we are joined by Professor Leslie Martin, via live video from the USA. Leslie is co-author of “The Longevity Project”. The project followed 1,500 bright children from age 10 to death & has revealed some startling insights as to who lives longest & why. Debunk some conventional wisdom.

“Repair our own body every night”. And we can add in Dr Stasha Gominak’s session about sleep either by extending the day a little, or by substituting it for one of the other sessions.

Indicative Fee

Each programme is different

We realise that you probably want an indication of fees.

The minimum fee for our core programme is £5,000, including venue and catering costs. This is based on using a venue in the Thames Valley. We are happy to put on the programme in other parts of the UK, or even further afield but this will involve increased travel and subsistence charges as our specialists tend to be based along the M4 corridor.

Of course, we will be pleased to use your in-house meeting/conference facilities if that is your preference. We do find that the conversational atmosphere flourishes more easily outside of major cities and away from the temptations of assistants and colleagues to interrupt with important messages and requests!