Rutland Aqua Park

Get very wet & feel fully alive (probably about 30 minutes after feeling half-dead)!

This isn’t just for kids!

Unless you feel like embarrassing the teenagers with your pike with full-twisting turn from 5 metres into the ogin then you might want to avoid the school holidays & weekends. The advantage of weekdays during term time is that the aqua park tends to be quieter.

It will cost you about £20 per person for about an hour. Take your own wetsuit, if you have one, & it’s well-fitting, otherwise, use one of their hire ones (they are quite good).

It involves quite a bit of hauling yourself out of the water, quickly followed by jumping back in.

Exhilarating, wet, tiring, fun, possibly a bit cool, but afterwards you will feel like you’ve achieved something & you might even see yourself as “cool”.

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