Rebecca Malcolm

Personal Trainer & ex-Oxford University Rower

Rebecca has had a keen interest in sport & exercise since an early age & rowed, ran & played netball for her school, college & university. Some of her highlights include competing alongside Mo Farah in cross country at county level & achieving a top 25 GB ranking for 1500m. Rebecca’s training at Oxford for the University Boat Race (Oxford v Cambridge) took up to 30 hours a week, all whilst studying for a degree in physiology & psychology, so she is familiar with the need to fit exercise around a busy schedule.

After graduating from Oxford, Rebecca became a keen cyclist, competing in numerous events including six London to Paris rides & an amateur stage of the Tour de France. As with most athletes, as time progressed Rebecca has had to work harder to maintain good mobility & avoid injuries, which is how her love of Pilates started.

Rebecca's Session

Whether you are very unfit or a total exercise addict there will be something in this session for you.

Focus on improving mobility. As we age our joints both deteriorate and stiffen and it can feel difficult just to get out of bed in the morning! After years of sitting at the desk it will take time to undo some of the damage that will inevitably have been done to your body. Sadly there are no quick fixes and undoing that damage, future proofing your body, will take time and effort. This session will introduce you to a series of exercises that you can perform on a regular basis and the tools needed to continue your practice long into the future.

It can be difficult to get and stay motivated. We will develop a programme that makes mobility fun and show you how to practice it in the most time efficient manner possible (you’ve probably got better things to do in retirement than constant exercise!)

Functional Fitness
You probably aren’t looking to exercise to produce six-pack-abs. You might be more interested in the ability to play with the grandchildren or do the gardening, pain-free. We will focus on a range of exercises designed to improve your functional fitness so that you are able to carry out those activities of daily living in as pain-free way as possible. The fact that, if practised regularly, they also have a beneficial effect on your aesthetics is just an added bonus!

Resistance Training
There is often a misunderstanding as to what mobility actually is: often confusing it with flexibility. While flexibility work is all well and good; if carried out on its own it can actually lead to more injuries. We will demonstrate the relationship between mobility and strength – controlling a joint within a range of motion – and therefore the importance of resistance training. We will show you how to go about it with minimal equipment in the comfort of your home.

Cardiovascular Fitness
While mobility work isn’t necessarily designed to get you hot and sweaty, puffing and panting; if performed correctly it certainly has the ability to get your heart rate going. We will show you how exercise can be both low impact and high intensity so as to work the cardiovascular system while protecting the joints.