Prof Clive Bowman

Visiting Professor, City University ex Medical Director BUPA Care Services

Clive’s career in medicine has included 15 years as a consultant physician & gerontologist in the West Country followed by 12 years as a Medical Director latterly working internationally. He presently has a continually evolving portfolio of interests ranging from new technology & care provision. He is an Honorary Visiting Professor at City University, London & continues to be moderately active in research. He has advised all sorts of bodies on ageing, not just patients!

Clive qualified in medicine at The University of Bristol. BSc, MB, ChB.

Clive's Session

Clive is uniquely well placed to guide a highly informed conversation about your health through your 50s, 60s and beyond.

As a consultant physician and gerontologist, he is well versed in the medicine but also having spent many years as Medical Director of Bupa Care Services he has seen at close quarters how the final decades of thousands of peoples’ lives played out. What might they have done differently to have increased their longevity, to decrease their periods of ill health or maybe even to reduce the likelihood of eventually needing residential care.

Clive is very practised at talking through the topics that most of us like to avoid. He does so from firm medical foundations but with a decent dose of humour and plenty of real-life case studies and anecdotes.

You probably already know the mantras about smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise and weight so Clive won’t spend too much time on the stuff you already know (unless you want him to). It is unlikely that you’ll be able to lean back and let Clive’s session wash over you, he will deal with challenging issues but it might just change how you live the rest of your life.

In Clive’s words “Life is a sexually transmitted fatal disease” and the question really is what is your preferred journey through it to the inevitable and how can you avoid the burden of your genetic ticket and your chosen route.