Dr Trisha Macnair

Doctor, Medical Journalist & Broadcaster

Trisha is a hospital doctor & her main speciality is medicine for older people. Alongside her mainstream medical career, Trisha has worked as a medical journalist & broadcaster, contributing medical knowledge to BBC programmes & several national daily newspapers & magazines. She is the author of The Long Life Equation, a highly accessible book about living longer by developing healthy habits.

Trisha qualified in medicine at The University of Bristol, holds an MA in Medical Ethics from King’s College, London & is a member of the British Medical Association (BMA).

Trisha's Session

Dr Trisha Macnair adresses how the body’s major systems change from your 50s onwards and what you can do to maintain (or regain) physical health in order to have the best prospect of enjoying a long retirement. Trisha will lead you through the locomotor, cardiovascular, central nervous, immune, endocrine and urinary systems as well as taking a medical look at sleep.

Trisha will review the sort of screening tests available (from NHS midlife checks to prostate checks or total body scans ) and help you to form a view as to whether they are worth your time or investment.

Trisha can also give general advice on when you really ought to see your GP about what you might consider to be a general low-level niggle and danger signals to be aware of.