Celia Dodd

Journalist & Author.

Celia is a journalist and author of two books about major mid-life transitions: Not Fade Away: how to thrive in retirement, and The Empty Nest: how to survive and stay close to your adult child. Not Fade Away was serialised in the Daily Mail and described by the i paper asOptimistic and clever…this may be the wisest book on reaching a pensionable age.’

Celia’s research for the book included interviews with over sixty people from a range of professions about their experiences of retirement both good and bad.  She also spoke to academics at the cutting edge of research into the emotional, psychological and practical challenges of retirement and how individuals can successfully negotiate them.

Celia’s journalism has appeared in The Times, The Independent, the Daily Mail, Radio Times and The Guardian.  She regularly contributes to radio and television discussions about retirement and the empty nest, including ITV’s This Morning, BBC One’s Holding Back the Years, Woman’s Hour and PM on Radio 4.

Celia's Session

Celia’s session draws upon the research of leading academics and conversations with many people who have retired or semi-retired, people who have struggled with retirement and people who are preparing to retire.

Celia shares the key insights from her recent book “Not Fade Away: how to thrive in retirement” but also, guided by the group, calls upon the very rich seam of real-life experiences of many people in the years before, and following, retirement.

These real experiences will illustrate that “one size does not fit all” and provide the starting point for a really valuable conversation, in the session, and as a catalyst for your further thinking.