Full Programme, Essentials Programme or Bespoke

We will tailor your programme to your needs but as a starting point, you might like to consider these two programmes.

Full Programme

Two days

The full two-day programme has been designed to provide the basis of a really well-informed transition towards retirement (or semi-retirement) for professionals in their 50s & 60s.

We restrict each retreat to just ten participants. We do this because this allows us to create an atmosphere of a guided conversation between domain experts & well-informed participants. We can cover the core common ground in the small group & supplement this with 1:1 time, you and the specialists.

  • Physical Health
  • Psychological Adjustment
  • Diet in Retirement
  • Exercise & Yoga
  • Retirement Finance
  • Longevity Insights

The full programme allows time for one to one time in addition to group sessions.

Essentials Programme

One afternoon & evening

The Essentials Programme has been designed to provide a concentrated afternoon & evening of pre-retirement thinking. For some this will be sufficient on its own, whilst others may wish to supplement it with either the Full Programme or bespoke one to one sessions.

  • Physical Health
  • Psychological Adjustment
  • Longevity Insights


Different content? Different format? Let’s talk.

Our two core offerings have been designed to address the issues that most senior people approaching retirement will want to tackle. But maybe your partners or senior staff would like slightly different content or arranged in a different way – do get in touch with Tim and we’ll be delighted to talk it through and create something bespoke for you.

The areas of expertise that we cover include:

  • Physical Health
  • Psychological Wellbeing
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • General Exercise
  • Diet in Later Years
  • Longevity Research
  • Care for Elderly Frail Relatives
  • Financial Planning for Retirement


Do get in touch if you’d like to explore a bespoke approach.