About Fees
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Indicative Programme Costs

We have made a very conscious decision to only use experts who are active in research and/or practice in their field rather than have sessions delivered by “trainers” or “presenters”.

Each programme that we run is different and therefore needs to be costed individually. Amongst the determinants of cost are: location (as this will have a big impact on our travel time), which topic areas you select & venue.

But we do appreciate that you probably need an idea of cost before going much further so here are some indications:

  • Our “Essentials Masterclass” of an afternoon into early evening with Linda Blair, Dr Trisha Macnair & Prof Leslie Martin, delivered at a venue around the home counties / M4 corridor, circa £4,500 – £5,500 (including venue costs).
  • Our fuller programme over two days, again at a venue around the home counties / M4 corridor but depending upon the modules selected would be circa £9,000 – £10,000 (including venue costs but excluding participants overnight accommodation/dinner/breakfast).

You Choose the Group Size

You are purchasing the expertise & time of our specialists; it is your choice how many participants take part.

Our only stipulation is that the ethos of the Unretired programmes is of small group, conversations guided by an expert, with sufficient flexibility for individuals to divert the conversation into their areas of particular interest & to spend one to one time with our specialists (depending upon the programme). So we never want the participant numbers to exceed 10.

But what about if you only have, say three, participants? Well, that can be fantastic because there can be more scope for sessions to be tailored to the individual participants. The total costs remain largely the same. There may be some reduction in venue costs & we will reflect this in our fee to you, but frankly venue & catering costs aren’t normally highly geared to the number of participants.

Everything Bespoke

Want us to deliver our programme in a different part of the country? Have your own in-house venue? Have a particular venue that you like to work with?

Let’s talk, we can almost certainly accommodate what you want.