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If you are serious about the psychological preparation for retirement, especially from a senior role, Linda is a national expert.

Clinical psychologist, Linda Blair has studied & written about the best approaches to transitioning from full-on, full-time work towards retirement or semi-retirement.  Linda works both one to one with private clients & with larger groups in the case of corporate clients.

Her expertise includes how to plan to avoid the “six-week dip”, how to (re)create structure within your new work/life arrangements whilst allowing for spontaneity. Linda can guide you to think through relationships with family and friends and make them more healthy and enjoyable.

Linda trained at Harvard University and the Institute of Psychiatry in London. She has many years of experience, both in the NHS and private practice and has particular expertise in stress, ageing and family/relationship issues. Linda is an acclaimed author, having published five books, her latest two being Siblings and The Key to Calm. If you ever read about psychological issues in the national press or listen to psychological items on the radio then the chances are that you’ve come across Linda’s work. She has a regular column in The Telegraph and has frequently contributed to The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times and the BBC.

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