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Investment strategy two years pre-retirement  



Firstly, let me be clear that I'm aware nobody can give financial advice on this forum and I'm not going to hold any respondents responsible for suggestions they make here!

I'm about 2 years away from retirement, I've had a SIPP for a few years. I've managed it myself and have, I think taken a fairly balanced approach to investments (about 25% UK FTSE 250 tracker, 25% international equities tracker, 25% UK gilts & 25% property).

Like most people I've got the jitters about Brexit and I keep thinking maybe I should convert most (all?) of it into cash and just hold cash in the SIPP in a circa 2% interest rate investment.

Anyone in a similar position and if so what are you doing?

Posted : 23rd November 2018 2:43 PM
 Jo T-P

Well I'm no financial adviser so please don't rely on my views but I recently received a missive from my SIPP provider (Hargreaves Lansdowne) saying how easy it is to transfer into cash. I'm sorely tempted given the state of Brexit, Trump etc etc.

Posted : 27th November 2018 9:17 AM

You might be interested in this piece in the FT. It seems to me to end up with more questions than answers but at least it seems to be a fairly balanced view. The bottom line seems to be one the one hand / on the other hand.

Posted : 30th November 2018 9:04 AM

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