Evidence For Unretiring

Minimise the probability of mental decline.

Like many others, my own family has been affected by dementia & so it is a subject that I take some interest in.

So a couple of days ago a story in my newsfeed sparked my attention. It was from National Public Radio (NPR) in the USA and addressed how an Alzheimers specialist research doctor goes about her daily life in order to minimise her probability of mental decline. The original article is here.

Her approach? Mental games? Quiz apps? Sudoku? Crosswords? No, although she does acknowledge the beneficial aspects of each of those.

Her prescription is to engage in work, especially work with others, & keeping socially engaged.

There could hardly be a more powerful endorsement for “Unretired” & working on new ventures, with others of a like mind, well into your 60’s, 70’s & beyond.