Categories provide the top level “sorting” of listings.

There are plenty of other, more granular & detailed, ways by which users can discover your listing so don’t get too hung up about categories.

Surprise Me


A broad category encompassing travel & events, going somewhere, doing something, likely meeting others. Also learning opportunities, be that intellectual or practical.



Both physical health & psychological wellbeing as well as exercise related. Includes both “conventional” & “alternative” approaches.



This category includes both requests for volunteers from charities & individuals offering their services as potential volunteers. Unpaid roles.

Please don’t abuse this category when what you are really looking for is low paid employees. We have a separate category for paid work.

Paid Work


This is the category to choose if you are offering paid work (full-time, part-time, employed, self-employed, whatever), or indeed if you are interested in paid work & want to bring yourself & your skills to the attention of the community.



Financial advice relating to pensions, wealth management, investment, insurance and any other financial products.