An Effective Listing

We want to make it really easy for you to create a listing but a little bit of thought & planning upfront can have a big positive effect. Here are some hints & tips.

Just to remind you that listings from UK charities are free. Other listings attract a small fee. You can supplement any listing with “Featured” status (this includes charity listings. More about this below.

Header Image

The header image is a really important element. An attractive & relevant image can make all the difference & marks a well thought out listing from something done “on the hoof”.

The image needs to be in landscape orientation & it’s going to be across the whole width of the visitor’s screen. So it needs to be:

Resolution of 72 (or 96) dpi (dots per inch). Any higher is unnecessary & bloats our storage servers a bit.
Width of up to 1400 pixels (but not less than 800 pixels).
Height of up to 1000 pixels (but not less than 300 pixels).
File type .jpg or .png.
File size no more than 500 Kb

Title & Tagline


The listing title will appear in red & will be the first thing that attracts the eye, (after the image). It needs to be engaging, relevant & succinct. We’ve set a limit of 40 characters on this field.

The tagline, appears immediately beneath the listing title. We’ve set a limit of 60 characters on this field.

One Sentence & Categories

One Sentence. What’s the compelling offer to the “Unretired”?.  This is a key field. Visitors are very interested in what makes this listing stand out as worth spending their time on. They come to the Unretired website to discover things that they are unlikely to find elsewhere. This sentence should encapsulate why this listing might resonate with the age 50+ person who wants to create an active (semi) retirement.

Categories. Categories are the top level course filter that most visitors use to focus on what might be of interest to them. Whilst you can normally find a category that is appropriate, we accept that not everything fits neatly inside one of our defined categories. In these situations use the “Other” category. We ask that you restrict your selection of categories, whilst creating your listing, to one, or two at the maximum.

Main Descriptive Text

The main descriptive text is, of course, the “meat” of the listing. But to be effective it needs to be concise & focused. You aren’t going to be able to get across all of the detail in a small text area, that will come through direct contact with the visitor and/or them visiting your website (if you add one). We recommend no more than about 200 words.

Featured Listing

Optionally, you can pay a small fee for your listing to be “featured” for one, or more, weeks. We currently only accept a maximum of six featured listings at any one time so you gain genuine prominence.

Featured listings gain extra prominence by always appearing on the homepage. Also, featured listings are always displayed at the top of any search results pages, assuming that they match the relevant search criteria.

UK Charities

If your listing is for a UK charity & you are authorised to create a listing on their behalf then please fill in this field. We will be delighted to publish your listing at no charge, subject to our usual editorial terms.

In order for your listing to be free, we need your registered charity number & name as per the Charities Commission listings (

Location & Contact

Location. If you add a location then your listing will include a small Google Map and therefore visitors will have a better idea of where you are based. This can be very helpful. Whatever you put in this field will be interpreted by Google Maps & it will make its best guess as to the location you wanted. So postcodes are definitely the best, or street name & town or city. If you just put in a town, for instance, “Newark” then Google will probably get it wrong because there are plenty of “Newarks” in the world, not just the one in Notts, UK!

Website. If it is relevant to the listing then feel free to add one website URL. This might be the URL of your organisation, group, business or maybe your personal profile if that’s relevant. It’s up to you.

Contact details. You can add a phone number, but be aware that it will be displayed to visitors so only do so if you are happy receiving calls. Your email address won’t be displayed but will be used to direct messages from visitors who use the contact form displayed alongside your listing.