I’m Tim Latham, the founder of Unretired. In my earlier career, I’ve been a Royal Air Force officer, a marketer in Shell(UK) & a management consultant in PricewaterhouseCoopers.

My Story

I found myself at the ripe old age of 59 thinking “is marketing really making the dent on the universe that I want to leave?”.

Yes, I’d had an interesting career that had started in engineering at Bristol University, saw me returning to university ten years later for an MBA & then joining some of the world’s largest businesses; but for several years I’d been preoccupied with contributing something towards the enjoyment of life of 50/60-year-olds who weren’t in their main career roles but wanted to do really interesting stuff.

What is Unretired?

The place where interesting opportunities meet interested people who consider themselves “unretired”.

If you can’t quite believe that you are approaching, or recently, retired then Unretired is for you.

Learning, experiences, volunteering & paid employment.