The Pre-Retirement Professionals

Why might you want to work with us?

  • if you have staff within a few years of (semi) retirement.
  • if you want to do your best in helping them towards a healthy & enjoyable retirement.
  • if you believe that it is right to help colleagues to be empowered & enthusiastic about their future.
  • if it is important that those colleagues have access to the absolutely best quality help & advice, not platitudes delivered by trainers.

Our Core Faculty

Our core offering focuses upon health, wellbeing & psychological adjustments required in retirement.

We will discuss the areas that you would like to focus upon & we’ll select the specialists accordingly. Each has their own particular areas of expertise.

Client Feedback

Here is some recent fedback.

All speakers clear and eloquent. Prof Martin’s data-driven analysis was thought-provoking and eye-opening. I liked Linda Blair’s very practical guide to the psychological adjustment to retirement.
David Harkness, Clifford Chance, Partner
I liked the fact that experts gave us their views supported by evidence.
Teresa Payne, BDO, Partner & Head of People
I enjoyed the whole course…particularly the psychologist who I thought was very good.
John Parkinson, Ex BDO, Transaction Services Partner
I really liked Linda Blair’s talk & discussion, particularly the POEMSS acronym & the concept of the “new you”.
Partner, Clifford Chance