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What's This All About?

Unretired? Passion Ventures?

The statistics on how we are tending, on average, to live longer, to be more inclined to not want to totally “hang our boots up” after “first retirement” & to want to do things that spark our passion after that “first retirement” are well known. Take a look, for instance, at the UK Government Reports here & here if you like reading such things. 

So Unretired is based upon the following premises:

  • increasing numbers of people reaching their “retirement age” 50,55, 60, 65 & “retiring” from their full-time roles have little desire to go immediately into “full-time retirement”.
  • people taking “early retirement” but with no intention of “retiring”.
  • there is therefore a massive & growing pool of mostly latent talent in the 50+ age bracket.
  • a semi-retired life might well be a mix of hobbies & holidays but many also want to start or join a “passion venture”, something that delivers value whether that is for revenue & profit or not. This is what we call “Unretired”.
  • it is more enjoyable, more healthy & generally more successful to get involved in a fresh venture with others who want to do something similar. Being a singleton on a new venture is a lonely place.
So there are two elements to our “Unretired” offering:
  1. Discovering others at a similar stage &  connecting.
  2. Resources for anyone contemplating “Unretirement”.
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In Brief What Do We Offer?

Tim Latham

PwC, Shell, RAF & a startup

Having left the large corporate world & relocated with my family to Lincolnshire I’m certainly not  easing down, but I have re-oriented my work to what I enjoy doing. I’m in my late 50’s.

I believe that the growing pool of recently retired people in the UK is poorly served in terms of help creating their “passion projects”. Unretired is all about trying to do something about that.

My first degree was in Engineering from Bristol University, followed by about 10 years as an avionics specialist RAF officer, then an MBA from Bath University and periods as a marketing leader at Shell(UK) and a management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Whilst with these large businesses I was fortunate enough to work with some exceptional business brains & I took part in executive education at Harvard Business School. More recently I was sponsored as a Churchill Fellow to spend time in the USA examining the startup culture in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Grand Rapids & Seattle.  

Tim Latham, Founder of Zeru