Retirement Specialists
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Retirement Specialists

Premier Pre-Retirement Programmes

You may have arrived here after looking at various retirement preparation programmes and been a bit unimpressed. We have designed Unretired to be significantly better.

All elements of our programmes are delivered by practising experts in their field. We offer rigour, small groups & an individual approach.

Two Day Full Programme

The full two-day programme has been designed to provide the basis of a really well-informed transition towards retirement (or semi-retirement) for professionals in their 50s & 60s.

Restricted to just ten participants. We do this because this allows us to create an atmosphere of a guided conversation between domain experts & well-informed participants. We can cover the core common ground in the small group & supplement this with 1:1 time when you can talk to the specialists.

Essentials Programme

The Essentials Programme has been designed to provide a concentrated afternoon & evening of pre-retirement thinking. For some this will be sufficient on its own, whilst others may wish to supplement it with either the Full Programme or bespoke one to one sessions.

As ever, we restrict each of these programmes to just ten participants. We do this because this allows us to create an atmosphere of a guided conversation between domain experts & well-informed participants.

Approaching Retirement or Recently Retired?

For people who want the absolute best prospects of a healthy, long & enjoyable retirement.

We believe this is the premier retirement preparation programme, anywhere.

We deliver our programme to corporate clients on a bespoke basis. Whilst our suggested “Essentials Programme” and “Full Programme” give a good indication of what we can deliver we are delighted to discuss your particular requirements and then construct a programme that fits your precise requirements.

Each area is led by a domain expert. They cover physical health, psychological adjustment to retirement, personalised exercise programmes, pilates & yoga to maintain yourself in peak fitness, financial planning & a session from one of the world’s foremost researchers into longevity.

Our Domain Specialists

Psychological Adjustment

led by Linda Blair

The best ways to successfully transition from full-time work into semi, or full, retirement. The “six-week dip”, (re)creating structure whilst allowing for spontaneity & developing healthy relationships with friends & family.

Linda is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Chartered Scientist, and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She trained at Harvard and at the Institute of Psychiatry in London.  

Linda writes a weekly column for The Telegraph & has contributed extensively to The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times & Psychologies Magazine. She is an acclaimed author, having published five books, her latest two being Siblings & The Key to Calm.

More about Linda

Physical Health

led by Dr Trisha Macnair

How your body’s major systems change from your 50s onwards and what you can do to maintain (or regain) physical health.

Dr Trisha is a hospital doctor, medical journalist, contributor to the BBC & author of The Long Life Equation and Change Your Life One Day at a Time: The Ultimate Manual for Living a Long, Healthy and Happy Life.

Trisha qualified in medicine at The University of Bristol, holds an MA in Medical Ethics from King’s College, London & is a member of the British Medical Association (BMA).

More about Trisha


led by Prof. Leslie Martin

Professor Martin will join us via live video from the USA to lead us through some of the (sometimes surprising) findings of the gold standard research into longevity, which led to the book she co-authored “The Longevity Project“.

Leslie graduated summa cum laude from California State University & received her PhD. from the University of California in Riverside. She has received the Distinguished Researcher Award, & the Anderson Award for Excellence in Teaching, both at La Sierra University. She has published more than 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals, including The Lancet, Health Psychology, Patient Education & Counselling, & the Annals of Behavioural Medicine; has co-authored multiple books.

Professor Martin is co-author (with Professor Howard Friedman) of The Longevity Project & has been quoted in & appeared on very many media outlets including Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Readers Digest, Time Magazine & many, many more.

More about Leslie

Exercise & Pilates

led by Rebecca Malcolm

As we are a very small group & we have time our exercise specialist is able to spend enough time with you to guide you whether you are highly fit or you haven’t done any meaningful exercise in the last few decades.

Rebecca has been a keen athlete since school. Highlights include competing a top 25 GB ranking for 1500m. Rebecca trained hard at Oxford for the University Boat Race.

A keen cyclist, Rebecca has competed in six London to Paris rides & an amateur stage of the Tour de France. As time has progressed Rebecca had to work to maintain good mobility & avoid injuries, which is how her love of Pilates began.

More about Rebecca


led by Renee McGregor

A very practical session with our renowned dietitian, Renee McGregor.. Nutrition plays a significant role in our immune, bone, hormonal & physical health. Renee will help you to optimise your nutritional practices.

Renee is a leading performance & eating disorder specialist dietitian with over 15 years experience working in nutrition. She has delivered nutrition support to athletes over the last two Olympic & Paralympic cycles & other major international competitions.

She is the best-selling author of Training Food, Fast Fuel & Orthorexia, When Healthy Eating Goes Bad. Renee has spoken at Cheltenham Literature Festival, The Stylist Show & Google. She writes for many national publications & is often asked to comment in the national press. Renee’s contributions to radio & TV include BBC Newsnight.

Renee’s qualifications include BSc (Hons) Postgraduate Diploma (DIET) Postgraduate Certificate (Sports Nutrition) Registered Dietitian, Sports & Exercise Nutrition Register.

More about Renee


led by Lucy Aston

Lucy co-founded The Hive yoga studio in Bath, and teaches yoga and meditation to hundreds of young people and adults every week. She regularly gives talks and appears in the media on the subject of accessible yoga and meditation, making career changes, resisting burnout and mental health in the modern age.

Lucy’s session can be constructed to encompass elements of:

Introduction to yoga. Depending upon the desire of the group. anything from “chair yoga” upwards. Introduction to meditation; the science behind, the benefits, the basics. Combined yoga and meditation session; which can include yoga Nidra/complete relaxation – good for the end of the day, but not if you’ll be driving home straight afterwards! Everyday yoga and relaxation; 10 exercises you can do every day to release tension or stress. Pure Breath; working simply on different breathing techniques for different purposes – focus/sleep/relaxation.

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